September 9, 2002

Yesterday I had built a PT Boat to raid Norco's capitol on island #90. I halted the boat well off the island (so maybe he would not think attack if spotted). The PT has now accumulated enough movement time to reach island #90.

I scout out a suitable landing spot. 11,1 is within range and has a fairly unobstructed march to Norco's capitol. If I am victorious, I will completely eliminate Norco from the island and claim naming rights.

I verify that I have enough movement time with the DISTANCE command. Notice the distance is 33.2, and I have 33.8 time. That's just enough time to get to the coast, and still have one time unit to dock.

I set course - and arrive off the coast.

I sail into the island to dock, and then assault move military off the boat.

Now on the island, my dock with 15 military is at 11,1. I want to move the men next to Norco's capitol. It will cost 22 time units, but I've got plenty of time.

I spy on his capitol to see how many military are there to defend, and what the percentage of fortification is. 1 military, no fortification. Foolish.

I'll provide official notification that he has been declared an "enemy of the park". Then I'll ATTACK the capitol.

The REPORT command must be executed to recalculate who has what on the island. If the REPORT command sees that the naming nation no longer has anyone on the island, then naming rights are transferred to the nation who has the most sectors on the island.That's me!. I rename the island Gettysburg.

I'm done with Norco for the day.

Normal exploration and colonization tasks occupy some of my time. I establish a ranger station on Armageddon's island.

I discover a new park.

Another new park.

The news is light tonight. Black Co. continues to pound anyone he sees. Dorian continues to bomb anyone he sees. Note the times of the attacks. There are only minutes apart.

That's it for today.

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