September 8, 2002

Today was a dark day for the park Rangers. The large and aggressive nation Black Co. sank submarine #52, which was part of the Northeast exploration fleet. Now, there are two nations which the rangers are hostile towards. The reality is, I need to start preparing for a long and difficult war, with enemies to the Northeast, and Southeast.

Those exploration fleets still operational, need to continue to find land and deliver colonists. I'll need all their factories to prosecute this war.

Interesting in the mail notification, is that Black Co. sank only the submarine, even though there was a liner traveling right with the submarine. We can only hope that the line is able to deliver civilians to islands near the enemy borders now, because delivery later may get very difficult.

First, I send the obligatory notification.

I must continue with discoveries - wow, what a sweet island.

This one's not bad.

Here is one, right next to my new enemy's frontier.

Here is the liner which for some reason Black Co. spared. I'll unload a lot of civilians on island #3, because this will make a nice forward base.

Fortunately, we have managed to dock in the far northwest corner, which appears closest to Black Co. We do not have enough time to build an efficient airfield.

I unload more civilians.

I check the data on the ship which was sunk. For 1 ship day, information on sunken ships is available. If you LAUNCH new ships, it is likely the sunken ship number will be recycled.

Here I'm using the REGION option on the ISLAND INDEX command to get information on islands within a specific region of the world. An island is deemed to be in the region, if sector 1,1 of the island is in the region.

Island #135 is also close to the Black Co. Border. Black Co. is to the north of the island, so when I spread, I need to march across the island and develop the north coast. This will provide greater range on my aircraft, and will make coastal defense easier.

I use some time to start my march across the island. I stop short of the north coast because I want to keep my new capitol a little inland until I have enough time to build an efficient air field.

Scott's Bluff is another northern island close to Black Co. Unfortunately, it has no civilians. There is a chance that Black Co. will not bomb the liner based upon his rules as stated in his mail. We'll take a chance and start the liner toward this island, within plain sight of his bombers.

Meanwhile, the southern exploration team is finding new parks.

To the east, colonization is proceeding well on North Cascades. Sysop has landed on the island and was sent a warm greeting, welcoming him to the park.

After the spread is complete, and the sectors have been designated and updated, I fly in a bomber for a look. This is Sysop country, but far to the north I can see a single Black Co. PT.

Closer to home but still a little north I take a radar from island #231. I can see the frontier and one Black Co. island to the north.

I pump the island up, move artillery and shells to a few docks in preparation for launching a few submarines. Subs are handy in frontier wars. they are good for harassing islands where the enemy has not had an opportunity to get civilians to the island.

The asterisk (*) next to the submarine locations, indicates that the submarine is submerged.

Shifting to the Southeast front with Norco, Mount Rainier is now ready to build an efficient air field.

I grab a couple of bombers from nearby Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

The radar shows nothing. That's OK, at least I now have eyes in the area. Norco will have difficulty moving freely now.

Norco seems to be napping. I decide to take a chance to sail a PT down to island #90, right in front of him. If he doesn't react, I'll be able to flick his capitol, and claim the island as a national park asset.

I sail the ship part way, but then stop. If he does take a radar, it will appear less threatening if the PT is not moving toward his island. Tomorrow the PT will have enough time to arrive on the island.

Check on the news, notice Black Co.'s attack is the last news item.

Until tomorrow.


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