September 10, 2002

Despite being in a shooting war with two different nations, my activity today is dominated by continued exploration. The Norco front is quiet today after capturing island #90 from him yesterday. The Black Co. front is still a little hazy. I've yet to outright declared war, because I still have a couple of Liners sailing around right under his bombers, delivering colonists to islands. His original notes suggested that he would tolerate non-war ships, so while he's still operating under these rules, I'm going to deliver as many civilians as possible.

I got mail from Kryann[30] asking for peace. Not a problem, I'll just send a reassuring note.

Submarine #11 (western team) sets up a ranger station on a Mountainian island.

My critical liner (under the Back Co. bombers) drops of civilians on Scott's Bluff. This should become an excellent forward base in the northeast for bombers to operate from once the war heats up with Black Co.

Next Stop, a large undiscovered island just a few days sail away. Hope Liner #50 (NE team) gets there before Black Co. gets wise and sinks it.

Submarine #53 (NW team) discovers a new park. The northwest still seems wide open.

Meanwhile, Submarine #86 (Southern team) cannot see anything, and sets course in a generally south direction. We've left Sabastian country and are headed into the void.

PT Boat #151 sets up a ranger station on Armageddon's island #2. This is a critical pick up of an island where both the western liner and submarine have already sailed past.

Submarine #28 (Eastern Team) sets up a ranger station on island #84, where Sarcasmia[34] is still in sanctuary. I land right next to Sysop[1]'s capitol. Should not be a problem, he's pretty friendly.

Quick check of the exploration teams to make sure everyone is moving. Notice I no longer have a Liner in fleet 93 (SE team) since Norco bombed it. I've replaced the submarine in fleet 91 (NE team) with two new ones, one is submerged and headed north east to hassle Black Co.[9], the other will sail on the surface and try to sail around Black co.'s eastern flank. I also submerged submarine #97 which is a member of the northern team (fleet 98) to avoid Black Co. bombers. I'm concerned about Liner #138, which is trying to drop civilians off at island #119. I hope that ship completes that task before Black Co. sinks it.

I check the USERS report and see Armageddon[3] is on line, but a check on the SHOWJOB command shows that session has been around for over 15 hours, he's probably hung and will need to be aborted by the sysop. SHOWJOB is an operating system command (not an Empire command). MPE (the HP3000 operating system) commands can be executed directly from the Empire main prompt.

I quickly peek at island #133, Fourmost's sanctuary island.

That's all for today.

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