September 7, 2002

The conflict with Norco[11] remains quiet. PT #22 quietly arrives at island #110 establishing a new national park. Exploration and colonization continue in those fleets which are not within range of the Norco bombers.

PT #22 arrives at island #110.

After establishing a capitol, the PT is scrapped.

Submarine #86 (east of Norco) spots another future park.

This is how the world looks.

Here is a pretty major screw up. The liner for fleet 96 (heading west) arrives at the west coast of an island which has been completely occupied by Armageddon. I need to leave, without over dropping off civilians. I would have been much better off if we had headed directly for island #2 where there is lots of open land. Now we are too far south, and it will be a long time before another liner can arrive at island #2. Best to just keep heading west.

The next island west is also in the process of being locked up by Armageddon. It's obvious this nation is aggressive and skilled.

The next island west is even worse. My ranger station is completely surrounded, and I didn't even remember to designate a capitol. I won't even get an airfield here.

I end up setting course to bypass all of these islands and head for island #133. The west is not turning out well and I am being out hustled by an excellent player.

My north bound submarine spots a couple of islands. Island #121 is owned by Black Co.[9]. This is the first time I've seen this nation, who looks large and active on both the Power Report and the Navies. I'll head the sub for the undiscovered island in an attempt to not threaten this nation.

Submarine #28 (headed east) took a more northerly course to try to stay out of bomber range from Norco (located in the Southeast). We are sailing past Sysop[1] who is a pretty easy going nation, not likely to cause us any problems. We are heading toward Sarcasmo island, the home of a late comer nation - Sarcasmo.

My current Empire Report.

The Empire Report shows a couple of islands which need to use movement time.

Through the mountains, and ready to expand over the plains.

At Yellowstone, it appears that Armageddon will adhere to park rules, and expand in a polite non-blocking manor. This is good news as our two nations are likely to share a number of islands together.

I take great care to fill in even single sectors locked in the mountains.

This is all I'll get on this ranger station.

A radar from island #55 shows Armageddon liners on the move.

These are the two islands just east of island #90. It will be awhile before I can launch ships from here, but I should at least get an efficient air field up tomorrow on Mount Rainier, so I can start bombing Norco shipping trying to leave the area. If I can't move in this region, I need to make sure he can't leave either.

Further expansion on island #22. I'm trying to run up the west coast because I want an air field in the northwest corner, facing into the frontier.

The MATERIEL command is use to find "stuff". In this case, I'm looking for bombers and can fly to islands where the airfield has just become efficient.

The following sequence shows the FLY command. A bomber can fly one way a distance of 200, twice its bombing range. If you try to fly to a destination further than 200, you must "hop" through airfields along the way. There is no limit to the number of hops, but no single hop may exceed a range of 200. You can enter a "?" question mark in response to the "Island?" prompt, and the FLY command will provide a list of reachable air fields.

Once the new bomber arrives at island #22, a new radar can be taken. It's always important when you first update a new island, to fly a bomber in to take a look around. Again, Armageddon is everywhere. The west and southwest are gonna be tough.

Here is the Power Report for the year 500. the Rangers are still on top, but checking out the number of islands and sectors Mountainia has, it looks like it won't be long before we get passed. Armageddon has jumped to third, and is definitely a nation to be reckoned with.

Quite a few nations are sporting 200 class exploration fleets.

Keeping an eye on the news, a number of nations appear engaged in frontier wars. Black Co[9] seems dedicated to thumping the smaller CTX[15] in an active ground war on the CTX home world. I don't give CTX much of a chance.

Tyland[4] pops a sanctuary which failed to break, while Dorian[22] goes wild bombing everything in sight including Tyland.

The Mountainia[2] - Tyrian[12] bomber war continues in a standoff.



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