September 6, 2002

Well, today I continue to keep my exploration teams busy finding national parks. I also make a decision for war with Norco[11] although I keep the tone of my mail response somewhat vague until my PT boat can reach island #110 tomorrow.

Submarine #52 discovers Scott's Bluff.

I've got to decide between two undiscovered islands. I decide to set course for island #109.

Submarine #11 spots a huge undiscovered, and sets course.

PT Boat #22, which dashed to claim island #253 yesterday right in front of Norco, hopes it can reach island #110 before Norco picks him off with bombers.

The world map shows the precarious position of PT #22, clearly within range of the Norco home island #148.

Submarine heads for island #94 which looks to have real potential.

As we approach date 500, there are still 107 undiscovered islands.

I could try to make peace, but for me, the damage has been done. By the time my new Submarine #139 reaches the same place where its predecessor was sunk, a now peaceful Norco could get the jump on all the nearby real estate. I could demand island #90 in return for peace, but here is 2 island nation, that showed no fear in bombing the largest nation in the world. I doubt he would cave in.

It's best to confront this sort of aggression with a strong public crushing. My chances of capturing island #90 are good. I have civilians on two islands just to the east of island #90, and PT #22 has just discovered an island to the north.

Checking on island #90, I have enough time to march across the island, but I only have 5 military in my capitol. Assuming I leave 1 behind, I would arrive with only 4. He will likely have 15 military in his capitol (assuming he dropped off a PT full). I can bomb them, but would be unable to lower the number of military below 4. This means I only have a 50/50 shot at sacking the capitol. I'll wait.

It's time to respond to Norco[11] concerning yesterday's sinkings. Clearly Norco cannot expect to be a welcome guest in the national parks, but I stop short of declaring outright war. Maybe Norco will hesitate, and not bomb PT #22. I'll reserve the right to upgrade my declaration at a later date.

Now I wait.


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