September 5, 2002

I'm sorry, but yet another transcript was lost today because I saved the screen, instead of the entire memory in my terminal emulator. A pity too, because today was a landmark day. Today I received notification of an attack on my nation by Norco[11].

Here's the news report.

The attack actually took place yesterday. We can find the exact time of the attack with the DATE command.

Since I normally to play in the morning, the attack happened after I was on yesterday.

This is the first act of aggression against the Park Rangers. It's time to determine our course of action. We have a couple of possible choices...

1. I could negotiate with Norco. Appeal for peace, and try to form a relationship with Norco. I probably startled them by landing on island #90 which Norco has naming rights to, and then by Norco spotting Liner #22 headed for island 90 while Submarine #51 was racing for another undiscovered island. Careful negotiation could put Norco at ease, and in the long run, I might be ahead to end this conflict early.

2. I could take this nation on. I could knock him off island #90 (thus establishing another park), and possibly driving him off his home world at some point in the future. He's small and appears to play infrequently.

I'll stay silent today and reflect on how I should respond.

Here's my current Empire Report.

I was lucky to land on Shiloh today. The submarine must have been vi sable by Norco.

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