September 4, 2002

Another peaceful day of exploration and colonization.

A new ranger station on Armageddon's island.

A ranger station on Non's island.

This is the first time I've seen Non, so I perform a little research. Non has not yet broken sanctuary, yet the nation was created on date 121. Since sanctuaries only last for 200 time units, his sanctuary privileges have expired. There are undoubtedly 200 civilians waiting to volunteer to be Park Rangers in what could easily be a new park. For now, I don't have any time, but I'll make a mental note to check this island again tomorrow.

My exploration sub spots a couple of islands.

It would be smarter to head for the undiscovered island rather than risk irritating Norco.

Another exploration sub spots a big undiscovered island, and heads that way.

Exploration fleets seem to be growing more common.

My current Empire.

A quick check on the news.

That's it for today.


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