September 2, 2002

A very successful day of exploration with 5 new national parks discovered and two more ranger stations established.

Here is Saguaro National Park.

Here is San Juan Island National Historical Park.

Here is Glacier National Park.

Here is Armageddon's Poodle island, where I'm setting up a new ranger station.

Here's Fire Island National Seashore.

Here's Rocky Mountain National Park.

This is Norco's island where I'm setting up another ranger station.

I used some time at Headquarters to fill in some more space.

Here's my Empire Report.

It seemed like a good idea to stake out the space I need for the ranger station I established yesterday, before Armageddon colonizes this island (he's got a liner real close).

A quick check on the news. Dorian flicks Tyland's capitol from Dorian Island.

Tyrian seems to be making a comeback in the Tyrian wars, sinking a Mountainian submarine and a Ferry. Tyrian also flicked Mountainian capitols off of two different Tyrian islands. All Mountainia could do in response was bomb a few PT Boats.

New in the news is Black Co's attack on CTX at island #113 (probably CTX's home island).

That's all for today.

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