September 1, 2002

September has arrived, and with nearly a full month of activity behind me, I find myself with a tenuous lead over other major exploration powers like Mountainia and Tyland. Today was a typical exploration day claiming the North Cascades National Park just moments before Sysop landed a liner there. I also colonized a couple of existing sites including the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail. This was significant because there was enough accumulated time to not only spread, but update to a point where I could launch a few PT Boats to race off and establish a Ranger Station on Armageddon's island #155 and to discover some more national parks in the next couple of days.

Here is the North Cascades National Park - lots of mountains, rivers, and a big lake.

The radar from my submarine shows that Sysop[1] was parked just off the southern coast with Liner #59. If he had logged on first, then this would not be a national park.

I review my mail (MAIL REVIEW) to remind me of what other ships arrived.

Submarine #11 will cruise down and see if it can establish a couple more Ranger Stations on Armageddon islands. I use the ISLAND 63 command to see who has naming rights on the newly spotted island #63.

Next I colonize Trail of Tears. The spot I have chosen to land is on the far west coast, which is good for advancing exploration, but unfortunately it is very rocky there, and I have to crawl through a number of mountains. Notice I'm using the VISUAL PARTIAL option, which only shows the part of the island I occupy.

Once I SPREAD, DESIGNATE and UPDATE - I use my one time unit to move excess civilians back onto the Liner. I then fly a bomber in from Headquarters to take a big RADAR. I can see several new undiscovered islands.

I update 50 more time units, so I'll have enough production in my docks to LAUNCH PT Boats.

One of the PT Boats lands on Armageddon's island #155. I'll set up a small Ranger Station here. Other PT Boats will arrive tomorrow at undiscovered islands.

I like to keep track of who is building ships. Mountainia and Black Co seem to be cranking them out.

Look here, new hostilities. Dorian has started a war with Tyland. Tyland is a pretty big nation to be picking on, but I notice the sector being bombed is actually on Dorian's island.

I take an entire world view. In addition to the cluster of islands within the National Park System (center of the world), there is another cluster to the southwest. This is the Tyrian realm which was recently released.

I need to print a new map, so I confine with region to a smaller area to increase the resolution.

Here's the current ISLAND INDEX.

That's enough for today.

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