August 31, 2002

I split my activity into two sessions today, morning and evening. In the morning I discovered the Mount Rainier National park, and in the afternoon a discovered the Hovenweep National Monument. I also got some interesting email from Tyrian.

The image below shows Submarine #51 discovering Mount Rainier National Park.

I also finished moving Ferry #34 around the Headquarters. With all the inland islands filled in, it's time to SCRAP the ferry for dock production. When a ship is scrapped, you get half the value of the ship hull returned to the dock to assist in future ship production. Don't forget to unload the contents of the ship before you SCRAP it.

I check the SHIP DATE command to see if another ship has time to complete it's mission. One sub does, but when I get a better look, there is no land close enough to dock right now, so I set course for tomorrow.

Yesterday I landed on Blissville, and today I want to be sure and move my military into the area I want for an airbase before Blisstonia surrounds me.

I use some more time to SPREAD on Yellowstone. Seeing Armageddon there reminds me that I now have an HTML version of the Park Rules, I should remind him.

A quick check on Sysop shows their ships have still not left Sysop inland waters.

I log off, only to return 5 1/2 hours later. I forgot the date had passed another century, and I wanted a copy of the Power Report.

Once I logged on (above), I got mail from Lord Tyrian[12]. Tyrian was the second most powerful nation at the last power report, and has been engaged in a ship sinking tiff with Mountainia. Tyrian seems to be offering me islands #34 and #205 if I can get a ship there. These islands are well to my southwest, maybe two weeks sail by submarine. I send a response saying I'm on the way. Fleet 95 is headed that direction, and I certainly would not want to pass up the donation of a couple of national parks.

The latest Power Report is out, and I'm on top! Pretty cool.

Another submarine can land.

I discover Hovenweep national Monument.

The ISLAND INDEX shows that a whole bunch of islands have been RELEASED. You can tell by the "R" in the "Flags" column. I'm assuming this is somehow related to the Tyrian Wars.

Here is Mount Rainier National Park.

I'm done with the afternoon session.

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