Any nation in Empire should have a set of goals - a mission. Most nations don't think about this, and generally feel it is obvious "to be the most powerful nation". Actually, you can have any number of goals and operate within any number of ethical behaviors. The Park Ranger Mission is what guides our behavior.

Park Ranger Mission

1. Establish as Many National Parks as Possible
Our primary mission is to establish and grow the National Park System (NPS). Only islands where Park Rangers have naming rights are a part of the NPS, therefore our goal is to discover as many islands as possible, and to obtain naming rights to others islands (donations) whenever possible.

2. Establish Ranger Stations to Assist Visitors
While exploring, rangers are likely to encounter islands where the naming rights are held by another nation. If empty land is found on these islands it is perfectly reasonable to establish a local Ranger Station to help provide information and support for the National Park System. Ranger Stations should be kept small, but may expand if civilian park employees are present, and there is plenty of empty space on the island.

3. Be Friendly, Helpful and Courteous to All Nations
Park Rangers are custodians of the NPS and hosts to park visitors. We also want to encourage Empire game skills, thus we are always prepared to answer questions, provide directions and give helpful advice. Since parks and ranger stations are spread throughout the world, we need to maintain positive relationships with all nations, and avoid taking sides or showing favoritism.

4. Welcome Park Visitors
Other nations may land on unoccupied park sectors. This is OK, and these visitors should be warmly welcomed. As long as visitors adhere to park rules, they are encouraged to stay and expand.

5. Use Force Only as a Last Resort
Despite our best efforts there may come a time where a park visitor needs to be forcibly removed from a national park. This is generally due to a violation of park rules where the park, another visitor, or the park staff is at risk. The visitor needs to be informed in writing as to why force is being used, and how far the force will extend (e.g. you are being removed from park A, but not park B). Rangers should generally try to offer the visitor the opportunity to leave the park peacefully prior to forcible eviction. In extreme cases, rangers may be instructed to "shoot on sight" for clearly incorrigible enemies of the park. In these rare cases rangers may form task forces to hunt down these rouge states, and confiscate their lands on behalf of the National Park System.

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