Welcome to your national parks. The Park Rangers want you to have a pleasant and enjoyable visit. Any island where the Park Rangers having naming rights is considered a National Park, and visitors (other nations) are expected to adhear to park rules.

National Park Rules

1. Be Respectful of the Park
Don't fence off areas or block expansion into unowned wilderness areas from other park visitors. Expand with civilians only, in an manor which does not prevent other visitors from enjoying expansion as well. Don't expand with military beyond the few sectors needed to establish an initial capitol and maybe a small airbase. Don't be loud or abusive to a point where the park's atmosphere is degraded.

2. Be Respectful of Other Park Visitors
Do not damage or capture other visitor's campsites, or damage their ships which are in national park waters. If other visitors are offending you, or breaking park rules - contact a park Ranger for assistance. POST mail to nation #7 - Park Rangers.

3. Be Respectful of the Park Staff
Park Rangers are here to help you. Rude or disrespectful behavior may result in your being removed from park lands and bared from visiting National Parks in the future.

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