August 29, 2002

Just another day of exploration and colonization. The Olympic national park was discovered today. Yosemite was colonized.

Island #22 was discovered, named Olympic National Park, and check it out.

Yosemite was colonized, here's how it looks now.

The new radar from Yosemite shows some new undiscovered islands.

A check on NAVIES shows that Sysop has launched a bunch of ships. We better figure out what they are since Sysop is a neighbor.

You can see below that Sysop has launched 3 liners, a sub and a barge. That's all 5 of his ships.

I check it from another island. It's a little better view.

An ISLAND INDEX shows that Norco[11] has discovered a previously undiscovered island (#90). So now we have yet another neighbor, this one to the south east.

I took longer that 5 minutes, because I got disconnected part was though my session.

Remember, the entire session is available by clicking the date at the top of this page, or the "Full Text" link just below.

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