August 28, 2002

I colonized Theodore Roosevelt National park today, and with the radar from this island can see some new undiscovered islands.

Note the mail notifications above.

I assault island #198 and unload 999 civilians. I move then to another sector to make space for more civilians from the liner. In all, I unload about 3000 civilians.

After spreading and designating, it looks like this.

I update (at least until all sectors are 99% efficient). Remember, GATHER does not work across inefficient sectors. After I update, I have enough folks to completely fill the liner with civilians.

I fly a bomber over to the newly colonized island to take a look.

Now my WORLD map looks like this.

And my ISLAND INDEX looks like this. Note, I see another new nation - NON[24].

I usually take a SHIP DATE report to see if any other ships are real close. Generally, I compare the "Time" column with the "Dist" column to see if any ship has enough time to complete its mission right now.

None did, so I'll return tomorrow.

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