August 26, 2002

Today was a fairly routine day of exploration and colonization. One new park was established - Big Bend National Park.

When I sign on (above) I get mail notification on two ship arrivals, but in fact liner #19 needs another day to reach the optimal civilian unload point, and liner #20 was just reaching the corner of Park Headquarters, and needed to have its course set again.

I work on the economy a little, using most of my movement time. I want to make sure that any docks which are efficient, have 100 workers.

I decide to LAUNCH a ferry to get civilians to all the detached little inland islands on Park headquarters. It's a housekeeping activity which should not be put off too long, or some other nation will wander up and land on them, giving you something else to worry about. Since this island is released, it's only a matter of time before other nation's explorations ships wander by. Might as well do it now.

The image below shows some ferry maneuvers including an assault and unload on an inland island (sector 12,11).

A couple of moves, a few designations and that inland island is now occupied. I'll keep that ferry going around the island until all of the inland islands are in my possession.

I quick check on the NAVIES report shows Black Co has something out there bigger than a PT. But not much bigger. All other nations look about the same.

I have to return in a couple of hours to land on a new island.

I could have waited until tomorrow - but why?

I name this newest national park - Big Bend.

Now I can relax until tomorrow.

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