August 20, 2002

Today was a bit of a disapointment. I was unable to land on Sysop's island, running out of fuel just 2 away.

I ran out of fuel because I failed to calculate the distance correctly. Apparently I was further away on the Y access than the X access. Result, out of fuel just two away from the island. Nothing left to do but scuttle the ship. No point in leaving it there to rust. It would only offend Sysop if he spotted it.

What about my other ship. Great, it's only got enough fuel to undock. I can't even undock from the capitol, and then dock at the sector next to it to scrap the ship. Now I have to move the capitol.

There's room to move it to the sector just south.

I relocate the capitol, and designate the previous capitol as a dock. Then I can scrap the ship. At least I'll get 25 production out of it.

I spend the rest of my day shuffling civilians, spreading out over w wider area of my hope world, and then updating 50 time units. You've seen it all before, but the visual below is the result.

I'm done. Since I have no more ships, there is no need to return until I accumulate enough time to launch Liners. See you in a few days.

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