August 18, 2002

I'm going to include a full copy of my entire session in a text file from now on. This is because I will increasingly not show steps which I have already shown you in previous sessions, but if you really want to fill in the missing commands, you can review the full session text file. From now on you will be able to access the full text by clicking on the date at the top of the page, or the "Full Text" link at the bottom of this page.

I needed to come back today to finish moving a couple of PT Boats. Once I get a bunch of exploration ships launched and sailing, I'll need to attend to the fleet every day.

I got a mail notification of a PT Boat arrival (see above).

PT Boat #2 has reached an undiscovered island, I manuver the ship to assault the island.

I jump on the island to take a look at my new prospective park. It's a modest island. I will set up a capitol so I will start to accumulate time.

Back on the ship I notice from the SHIP report that i only have 4.5 units of ore remaining. Since I started with 10, I've used over half my fuel, and do not have enough for the return trip home. Best to unload the remainder for future travellers, and scrap the ship. If I just leave the ship sitting around, the ship will consume all the ore just running it's generators. Then, without fuel, the ship will begin to rust, and will eventually sink. If i scrap it, I'll at least get half the hull value in production.

Salvage done, it's time to check on our other ship.

A quick RADAR reminds me where we were going.

Again I use the fuel saving 1 diagonal at a time technique.

I assault the island.

And then take a look. It's a nice big island. After I desginate a capitol, I decide to name it Yellowstone.

Now when I use the EMPIRE command, I have 5 islands on the report. I need to think up some cool park names for my other two islands. I name them during the next session.

I sail PT #13 away from yellowstone toward another undiscovered island. I don't have enough time to get there today, but I'll set course. I'll probably have a mail notification waiting for me tomorrow.

I hop back to my home island (where I have that beautiful bomber) to take a wide area RADAR. I'll just checking to see if any foreign ships are on the horizon. The coast is still clear.

I do want to stick a flag in island #198. It's a 10 X 18 island, fairly close to Sysop[1]. I should have dispatched a PT yesterday - but better now thean never.

let's find the closest dock with 50 production.

I launch a ship and surprise, it's ship #2 again. Actually, it's not a big surprise. The LAUNCH command trys to reuse your previous ship numbers. In fact, ship #2 was unavailable to any other nation for a full ship day (24 hours).

I load up the ship.

Transferring to the PT Boat #2, and SAIL just far enough to undock, and then set COURSE for the undiscovered island. I'll be there tomorrow.

Time to hang it up, and it only took 10 minutes.


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