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If you only have the executable, it needs to create and initialize the
data file. Ability to support multiple nations is desirable, although it
appears the config file is tied to the executable name so there is a
clear work around by simply having multiple copies of the executable.

You need to be able to navigate on the map. I suggest a simple left
click to center, or left click/hold/drag.

It would be nice to be able to open the map in a new window, which could
be sized and placed on the screen where ever.

It would be nice to be able to open an island from the map. A
suggestion, you double click on an island, and ECC sends a "LAND <num> &
VISUAL" to the game, and then opens the island in a new window - with
island name[num] in the title bar.

When island sectors are zoomed to a certain level, it would be cool to
show the sector designations as icons (or at least letters).

I like the command stack, but instead of circular - it would be better
to have a top and bottom.

Type ahead is important, and I'm not sure how to describe it, but the
HP3000 sends a dc1 (Device Control 1 - Hex 11) whenever it is ready for
the next input line. Before that dc1 is transmitted, any attempt to
send data will fall on deaf ears. I typically type the next command
before the HP3000 has finished processing the last command, so having a
terminal emulator that buffers the next transmission until a DC1 is
received is pretty important. You should be able to stack a number of
commands (queue them up) so that each time a DC1 is spotted, you
transmit the next line. There also needs to be a command to cancel
queued command stack (WRQ uses ALT-S for soft reset). A soft reset
flushed the command stack and assumes a DC1 has been received.

Color coding nations based on Unknown, Ally, Neutral, Hostile and At War
from the NATIONS command would be nice. If you have not performed a
VISUAL on an island, you could assume the entire island would have the
color of the naming nation.

Custom colors would be nice, where you could override defaults for
various items like font, background, terrain, and other nations status.

A COMMAND pull down on the command line would be nice to remind players
of the commands. I know - it comes later.

A PRINT MAP option would be pretty neat. I would suggest it be abled
with a right click on the map, which would generate a pull down menu -
one option of which would be PRINT.


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