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Empire is a turn based strategy game of global conquest and diplomacy. The game was originally developed at the evergreen state college in 1974 and was called Civilization.

Empire Classic was developed for the HP3000 mini computer in Pascal. It is a "text based" game written for VT100 style terminals because PCs and the modern graphical desktops were not generally available.

Empire is played on a series of islands scattered throughout a watery world. Players act as national leaders and accumulate game time which is expended as they move and grow their respective civilizations. Players can access a game concurrently but more commonly play at various times with news and mail facilities letting players know what has transpired since their last game session. Games strech over many days with lager games lasting as long as a year.

There is only one known site where Empire Classic can still be played. Check the web page at HP3000.empireclassic.com for a list of currently active games.

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